Welcome to the SilverStripe Client Helpdesk! How can we help?

If you have not previously dealt with SilverStripe Ltd. directly, please contact us using our support email address support@silverstripe.com. If you would like to contact our sales department, please email sales@silverstripe.com.

If you are a commercial client of SilverStripe and have a current Support Agreement, you can submit support tickets via this website. If you are unsure about this, or need help accessing the Helpdesk, please contact your SilverStripe Account Manager or email support@silverstripe.com 

To help resolve the ticket efficiently please try to be as specific as possible when describing your desired outcome. For example, make sure to include detailed reproduction steps on how your issue occurred or what outcome you would like in an enhancement from the users point of view, screenshots, a URL, a user name etc. This will aid us in delivering you the desired result in a timely manner.

For issues of an urgent nature, please be sure to prioritise the ticket as "Urgent" and follow it up with a phone call to our support line, as per your Support Agreement. Please note, urgent rates will apply for fast-tracked work.

Once a ticket is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement as soon as possible and you will be informed of a timeframe when possible.

Regular support is provided during New Zealand business hours. Outside of business hours, our servers are regularly checked by a 3rd party monitoring system, and if there is an outage, our developers are sent a text message for them to investigate. If you would like to discuss further 24/7 Support, please contact your Account Manager. 

Please also feel free to check out our SilverStripe forums http://www.silverstripe.org/forums which might help to answer your query.

If you are looking for our company website, please visit www.silverstripe.com

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